The Hair Stick | How To

The hair stick is a fast growing trend, but I have been using a pencil in times of need for as long as I can remember. Well, this is the fancier version of that! In the shop we currently offer 3 styles, fan, rectangle and circle ~ available in both solid brass or solid nickel. We hope this video helps you rock your hair stick a little easier! Filmed by H. Claire photography.

S t e p  -BY-  S t e p

1- twist hair into a bun or french twist, high or low on your head, your preference
2- put hair stick facing UP into the bun, AWAY from your scalp
3- twist and turn the hair stick down and push it into your bun ALONG your scalp 
(be careful, this will create the tension that holds your hair.. sometimes it can be to tight)
Practice makes perfect with this one!

hair sticks in the making, ready to be hammered out!
2 comments on "The Hair Stick | How To"
  1. Do you have a video? Sorry, I still don't get how to do it :'( Beautiful pin, by the way!

  2. Hi - The video doesn't play. Can you fix this link please? Thanks!