Coming Soon to the Shop

I am so excited to be listing these all in the shop next week! This is mini collection that is all One-of-A-Kind set stone pieces. Small necklaces, statement necklaces and a hand full of large and small rings and a few pair of earrings. Turquoise, petrified coral, labradorite + moonstone are among the stones you will find in this collection. Ill be posting another update once they are all listed in the shop.

PS this mini collection will be available this FRIDAY March 24th at our Madewell Pop Up here in Madison at the Hilldale Mall from 5:30- 7:30 pm. See you there!

Practicing Prongs

Prongs are something that take practice, in fact all stone setting does. Every artist should always be striving to be better, learn new techniques and learn from their mistakes. I just created an entire mini collection that is all set stones, the practice was great and I am happy I created so many at once. It really got me in the stone setting groove. And while I don't strive for perfection, I still want to become better at my craft.

This prong set piece I am VERY happy with. I love the large prongs with the mix of stone and velvet. This necklace is one of many in this mini collection coming soon to the shop!

Madewell Pop Up!

I am so excited to be Popping back up at one of my favorite stores, Madewell! I will be there THIS Friday March 24th from 5:30-7:30 pm with my wears plus treats from local bakery Dough Baby! Madewell is offering you 25% off your purchase of $125 or more! Treats, Jewelry, Madewell, its going to be a fun evening.

Madwell Hilldale Mall
710 North Midvale Blvd
Madison, WI

Milkhaus Lookbook

I have always loved styling my own work and lookbooks, but working with Milkhaus Designs to style her goods was so much MORE fun! I never imagined I could do it for makers, but I have to say  I cant wait for the opportunity to do it again. Hanah and I both really loved this project. I didn't even mind modeling for this shoot; it was really fun to be in front of the camera for someone elses work. The hard part was not taking every bag home with me.. particularly her newest design, the Backpack.

For this shoot Bethany had a vision of really telling a story, a story about the women who owns one of her bags. Bethany's bags are made for life, travel, shopping, work you name it. They are made for using and looking effortlessly stylish at the same time. We shot simple 'layflats' where the bags are shot on a clean white background; then we took the bags out around town to shot a day in the life of a Milkhaus bag!

About Milkhaus Designs-
Bethany Nelson, the creator behind Milkhaus Design, creates pretty and practical items for you, your family, your friends, and your home. She believes every item you own should be stylish, no matter what it is. It’s often the little details that make life just a little bit better and a little bit sweeter.
The Milkhaus Design aesthetic is simple, modern and classic. Bethany’s love for the beauty of natural materials is balanced with her love of vibrant and bold colors.  All Milkhaus Design screen printed products are printed with Bethany’s original designs that are inspired by the everyday details she notices as she goes about her day. All dyed pieces are considered happy accidents — she custom mixes all dyes based on feeling rather than formula and is (almost) always pleasantly surprised at the results.


Casting + Spring Sneak Peek

I'm so happy to be adding CAST components to the C. Alexandria line! I created new charms and components (pictured above, this is a sneak of some new designs!) to be replicated through a mold and casting process. I found this amazing small company out of New York and I am patiently waiting for the first batch of components to arrive any day now... I can hardly wait to start adding stones and putting the collection together.

I'm thrilled to be working with a company in the US, that was very important to me as I searched for a company to make these components for me. I also wanted them to be created through traditional methods, and this company offered that as well. The icing on the cake is their philosophy on materials-

" In order to assure that we provide materials that minimize our environmental impact, we have continuing relationships with suppliers that have a similar commitment. Wherever possible, we utilize raw materials and alloys that have been recycled and have been processed in a responsible and sustainable manner.
Carrera Casting Corporation has received certifications from its suppliers verifying that they only source and manufacture metals from “DRC-Conflict Free” mines or other domestic U.S. sources and will continue to monitor its sources for compliance with legislation as it evolves."