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Work Update | A New Team Member

I am so excited to have my sister Chanley on our team!! She is helping me get organized for the fall + Holiday markets.  She is a scientist during the day and swinging a hammer with me at night, shes is multi talented; honestly, just having her help for the past month has made me 10xs more productive! Can't wait to show you the new things we have been working on!


Wonderful World of Etsy

Etsy gets better and better I swear! This round up could have been 100 items big! Find this items with the links listed below. Happy Etsy-ing! 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Around Here | MN Weekend

Spent last weekend with my mother-in law and her sisters for a mother/daughter weekend in MN. It was so much fun, drinks, shopping, relaxing AND I actually went to an art fair instead of being in it. A great change of pace for sure. After getting home I spent Monday in the studio playing catch-up on Etsy orders, but it was totally worth it. Tuesday my sis and I spent packing and shipping.. then I cleaned the crap out of my house. It felt so good. Man it needed it bad. I rearranged the plants and everything. Ahhh, feelings of accomplishment.

1- Powder horn art fair 
2- me + clogs
3- Powder horn art fair
4- clog close up
5- the dining room after it was cleaned up + rearranged

One Of A Kind Friday

Now Live in the SHOP
 Grab them before they are gone!

Shop Update

Starting September 1st shipping will become a $3.00 flat rate on orders large & small in the USA.
 Get your back to school orders in to claim your FREE shipping until then!