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What Ive Been Doing instead of Blogging...

 It's been rather far and few between on the blogging front for me, there just hasn't been time, I have to say I miss it. I hired my wonderful sister to help me with my growing business in the hopes to free up some time for blogging and more making. So you will be hearing more from me in the coming months for sure.

So, what HAVE I been up to instead of blogging??

I tried my hand at some water color painting a few weeks ago. It was so fun and frustrating at the same time! Why?? I am usually pretty fast on picking things up, especially anything art related- but water colors is a whole new world.. a hard one to figure out. But Angela from Saffron Avenue made it so much fun and gave me a lot of extra help that I needed. This class was full, some women even drove up from IL to be there.

Sarah from One X One Thousand has a nack for curating some amazing work shops filled with the things you want to learn and know right now! Shabori dying, painting, weaving, biz labs, you name it, shes got it covered and brings it to you wrapped up in a stylish bundle with wine, snacks and great atmosphere. I cant wait to sign up for more work shops!

The End Result, some not to shabby handmade cards. These took me a lot of practice, I was scared I was going to ruin them. But once I just 'let go' and didnt try so hard I got a beautiful result. If that's not a life lesson, I don't know what is!

I attended a very fun tea party at Revel hosted by Lady Forward Tea. I went with my lovely friend and maker Krizia of Oak + Olive. It was so nice to catch up, drink tea and eat finger sandwiches like ladies! The Revel space is absolutely lovely, crisp white tables and bright cheery colors. They host a vairiety of work shops as well, from painting, to beading to decorating tote bags.. they even have the cutest bar that serves special cocktails while you make.

I took a much needed mini vacation with my husband and his family for the weekend to Chicago. We ate good food, drank to much, shopped a little, walked for miles and lastly saw The Book of Mormon. I was in need of some good times + good laughs.. this mini vacation did the trick, not working an art fair on the weekend was a nice change of pace.

Summer has been pretty great so far. What haveYOU been up to?!


This Weekend


Instagram Update

An update on some new things coming, somethings listed, some of our best sellers!

1- a new collection of statement pieces coming late summer
2 - our most popular items, hair sticks
3 - listed in the shop Curve & Dot necklace, coming soon the All Seeing Eye and Stacked Half Circle Charm
4 - Statement silk Tassel Earrings, in the shop now!


We are Back... and a lot has happened!

Its been over a month since I blogged. I don't even know where to start, but we were FEATURED on the ETSY BLOG!! What?? Is this real life? The month of June has been the busiest and most crazy for C. Alexandria, my hands can barely keep up. In fact, I hired my sister to help me keep organized, prioritizing orders,  shows, consignment shops, and she is even helping me hammer metal!

Hanah (H. Claire Photography) came to the shop and took the most amazing photos of me working in my shared space, she made my little corner look good! The next week a writer from Etsy called and interviewed me over the phone for about an hour. I was so nervous.. and I was pretty sick with a cold so I felt like I was talking in circles. When the article came out I was thrilled, it was such an awesome, well written and a good length. It was one of the most exciting days when the article came out. I was on cloud nine the entire week!

Along with the Etsy article and the 2 largest shows of of our Art Fair Season, starting in July C. Alexandria will have an 8 piece collection on! Of course you can find all of our goods on right now!


Trunk Show Time!