Help me By Voting?

Heya!  I have a favor to ask of you! I entered the Etsy small biz contest where I could win a grant to grow my business. But I need to collect the most votes. Would you be so kind as to vote for me? Follow this LINK to vote. I thank you so much. oxox


Featured in Etsy Spring Wholesale Catalogue

So thrilled to be on the cover of the Etsy Spring wholesale catalogue, its such an honor! I am so happy that the tassel earrings are such a big hit. There are 10 colors of them available in the shop. Do you have yours for spring? :D


Shop Update

Very excited to have all the new pieces from last weeks work ready for you in the shop! Its stocked with over 20 new items. Each are one of a kind and each are ready to ship. I hope you will check out the new collection and tell me what you think!

Coming Soon to the Shop

I am so excited to be listing these all in the shop next week! This is mini collection that is all One-of-A-Kind set stone pieces. Small necklaces, statement necklaces and a hand full of large and small rings and a few pair of earrings. Turquoise, petrified coral, labradorite + moonstone are among the stones you will find in this collection. Ill be posting another update once they are all listed in the shop.

PS this mini collection will be available this FRIDAY March 24th at our Madewell Pop Up here in Madison at the Hilldale Mall from 5:30- 7:30 pm. See you there!

Practicing Prongs

Prongs are something that take practice, in fact all stone setting does. Every artist should always be striving to be better, learn new techniques and learn from their mistakes. I just created an entire mini collection that is all set stones, the practice was great and I am happy I created so many at once. It really got me in the stone setting groove. And while I don't strive for perfection, I still want to become better at my craft.

This prong set piece I am VERY happy with. I love the large prongs with the mix of stone and velvet. This necklace is one of many in this mini collection coming soon to the shop!