First Show of the Season!

I am excited to kick off this years show season with a show so close home! 
I can't say however that I am completely ready for it. The first show of the year is like a dress rehearsal..
 I cross my fingers it goes well.

+ Make stock for the show.. usually frantically the week before; I work best under pressure I found out.
+ Make sure all the correct things packed in the car; I usually forget something important, like my card reader or change or pens!
+ Get up at the butt crack of dawn and make sure somehow I put my make up on correctly while still sleeping.
+ Once there, try to remember HOW to set everything up in a timely manner; I usually under estimate that by a good hour every time.
+ Hope and pray I have enough work and the audience wants to buy it!

Come see how we do with all that + all the new work this year. We (my trusty assistant Mom) will be at booth #801.
Get all the details on Craft & Relic's web site- don't forget it's a perfect time to shop for Mothers day too!
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