Find us in Shops Coast to Coast!

Menagerie is the newest shop to carry C. Alexandria!! I am so excited to see the goods all set up! Her items just shipped Friday, leaf earrings along with simple rings and stamped studs! 
If you are in Portland you have to visit and say "HI" to Casey for me! :D 

Work/ Shop is another shop located in Portland that is carrying C. Alexandria!! In fact, Casey from Menagerie helped Heather get her shop up and running. I really need to move to Portland! Look at this place!!! :D 

From one coast to the other! This fabulous shop specializes in hair accessories, natural and organic beauty products and supplies! They are located in New Hartford, NY. I am pumped they carry our Hair Cuffs, Barrettes and now are giant Bobbie Pin sets!  So the next time you are around, pop in and say "Hi!"  to Heather for me too! 
2 comments on "Find us in Shops Coast to Coast! "
  1. You are the sweetest! thank you for the post! we just LOVE carrying your beautiful jewelry at our shop! xo Casey

    1. I know my jewels love being there too! :D