Midwest Wednesdays | Mom Jeans?

This casual look is a great way to break into rocking the "mom jean" trend as Hanah likes to call it! Vintage high rise it back yall' and I am pumped- why?? No more butt crack, that's why!! :D 
So, high rise vintage jeans are usually a bit on the short side, but a little cuff makes it look purposely done- you can rock a tennie shoe (pictured), ankle bootie or even a pump and it looks rad!

Tuck or front tuck your sweater. You can see the high waist jeans and your natural waist and curves. Add a cute belt, plaid blanket scarf and jacket. I choose a vintage over-sized blazer with a thin pinstripe (I love mixing patterns)! I like it because its a little unexpected, this is what makes an eye catching outfit. 

What I thrifted from our local Vinnies- jeans, belt, jacket + bag. If you don't feel like hunting I've done the work for you below.

What to Wear Wednesdays- a collaboration with H. Claire Photography 
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