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Before ‘thrifting’ was cool there was me, St. Vinnies thrift store and $10 bucks from dad. I learned at an early age to stretch those dollars and make them count. Been’ sharpening my hunting skills ever since! During design school, I used them plus my new -found appreciation and knowledge of the luxurious to furnish my apartments. I found I could make them look chic and rich without breaking the bank or going without food! A home is a nest, I think, nope, I KNOW, you can create a gorgeous room or home with a mix of new and old. Thrifted things with personality combined with a luxurious custom upholstered sofa, if you can afford that! But, if you are like me, time, patience and the hunt is going to become your new BEST FRIEND! 

This console area in my home was all collected and thrifted for under $150.00, but I know I have seen that jute wrapped table in a magazine for 10 times that!

Here is the break down-

1- bamboo mirror | $20 | local buy & sell shop

2- wooden tray with metal corners | $4 | St. Vincent De Paul

3- geometric object |$7 | clearance section at Michaels Craft Store

4- little faux plant (I much prefer real plants, but this area doesn’t get enough light, so I opted for the next green thing) | $10 | Hobby Store

5- brass picture frame |$.90 | St Vincent De Paul

6- retro lamp + shade | $8 + $18 | Antique mall +Target

7- jute wrapped sofa table | $10 table + $50 in jute | UW Swap + Menards

(made by my mom!)

8- caned stools | $15 pair | yard sale find

9- brass planter | $5 | buy & sell shop
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