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I was in the unlikeliest of places when I found some curtain rods with antler finials... Wal-mart, can you believe it, they were $15 a piece and I automatically thought, GOLD! I have seen such amazing curtain rod finials that cost a fortune, how cool if I could make my own? 
Would they turn out? It was worth the $30 bucks total to find out, so home with me they came!

I decided to gold with a metallic gold craft paint instead of spray paint because:
 (1) not smelly like spray paint
(2) no ventilation needed (winter friendly)
(3) dries SUPER fast
(4) not a super shiny finish
Tip- stick the screw part into a cardboard box for easy access to all the nooks and crannies plus drop clothe and easy clean up! 

These turned out so great, I love the little touch it adds to my room! They look like they cost me a fortune, but truth be told, the rods, gold paint and the actual curtains for the room cost me UNDER $100! Score! :>
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